Gabriele Messina

Web & App Developer and System Administrator with a passion for Archery

Who Even Am I?

About Me

Hi I'm Gabriele! I was born in 1995 and have developed my passion for technology after watching my father assembling and maintaining our family computers throughout the years.

After graduating high school as a System Administrator and a one year intership at a local business, I got the opportunity to start a career path as a web developer.

Over the years I have perfected my skills to become a full-stack web developer, thanks to projects ranging from simple websites, to custom platforms and mobile apps. I have also managed network infrastructures and system deployments throughout my career. The only thing I need is my computer and an internet connection.

In my spare time I like listening to music, watching movies or tv shows, reading a book or go for an archery session!

Knowledge, experience, skills, etc.

What Can I Do?

Full-Stack Dev
Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
Base of Operations

Capo d'Orlando, Italy

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